39 Truths About Your First RV

March 24, 2021

39 Truths About Your First RV

So, you’re thinking about buying your first RV. As a smart shopper, you’re probably weighing several factors as you narrow your search. We get it; there’s a lot of information out there and a wide spectrum of RVs to choose from. Plus, if you’re one of the many who are looking for an exciting and flexible alternative to planes, trains, cruises and hotels, you may be wondering what this rich lifestyle is even all about.

We thought we’d offer some assurances, things you can be confident about in your first RV.

Your first RV will…

Make you forget about baggage claims.

Make your furry friends love you even more—dogs and cats can come along!

Give you a new appreciation for intelligently designed spaces.

Turn “there’s been a change of plans” into an exciting announcement.

Show you what it’s like to have a lot more space to work with than in a hotel room.

Remind you that it’s actually kind of nice when your phone says “no service”.

Introduce you to a truly wonderful group of people and the special camaraderie RVers share.

Give you a new appreciation for the time you spend together with friends and family.

Give you control over everything from the food you eat to the toiletries you can bring.

Remind you what it’s like to sleep with a breeze blowing by.

Put a whole new spin on working remotely.

Bring you closer together with your travel companions.

Inspire new family traditions.

Reduce the number of times you’ll have to run to the gate.

Ensure you never run out of space at the table again.

Probably not be your last—you’ll want to be an RVer for the rest of your life.

Help you realize that an RV’s frame is just as important as a house’s foundation.

Teach you what “packing freedom” means.

Allow you to go places you’ve never been before.

Eliminate the stress of arrival and departure times.

Make you a legendary storyteller.

Help you learn what features you can’t live without.

Remind you that the journey can be as enjoyable as the destination.

Have you at least consider becoming a morning person, just to see more of those sunrises.

Make you appreciate when your clothes smell like a campfire.

Awaken your spontaneous side.

Perfect your marshmallow roasting skills.

Give you the chance to break in those new hiking boots.

Save you the cost and hassle of booking hotel rooms, flights and rental cars.

Make anywhere feel like home.

Make you want to attend an RV show just for fun.

Give you a knack for creating playlists.

Help you become an “I spy” champion.

Help you live in the moment.

Let you see the stars more often.

Make you a better cook.

Hopefully be a Jayco…and if it is, we can’t wait to welcome you to the family.

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