Jayco Launches Comprehensive Line of Solar Power Systems

October 31, 2022

Middlebury, Ind. - Jayco® has announced the launch of its comprehensive line of solar power system packages designed to fit the lifestyle of any RVer. One of the four Overlander™ Packages can now be added to nearly all Jayco towable products, giving campers the ultimate pass to freedom.  From luxury fifth wheels to single axle travel trailers, there is now a solar package option for all types of units allowing RVers to take charge of their next adventure.

Overlander Premium EXT Package

Available on: North Point®, Pinnacle® & Seismic® Luxury Series

For the ultimate off-the-grid RV setup, buyers can order their luxury fifth wheel with the Overlander EXT package. The package includes six 200-watt solar panels paired with six 100AH Lithium batteries. The six Lithium batteries are self-heated to ensure an optimal charge  no matter the climate. With the added features of soft start power saver AC in the living room and 12 Volt 13.5K bedroom AC, the owner will be sure to enjoy hours of energy without the worries of power surges draining their charge. The complete Overlander EXT package includes:
  • 6-200W Solar Panels
  • 6-100AH Lithium self-heated batteries
  • 100AMP MPPT Solar Controller
  • 3000w Split phase Inverter Charger
  • DC/DC Power Charger
  • Soft Start Power Saver in living room 15K AC with heat pump
  • 12 Volt 13.5K bedroom AC
  • Battery Monitor
  • Energy Management System
  • Generator option capable
  • Heavy gauge steel Battery Enclosure
Overlander Extreme 4 Package

Available on: Eagle® Products, North Point, Pinnacle, Seismic & Seismic Luxury Series

The all-new Overlander 4 Solar package provides safety, convenience and innovation to give worry free unplugged freedom when it comes to solar power. Features like the DC to DC Power Converter, allow the user to charge once they arrive at their destination without worrying about batteries overheating. With the solar package features, RVers can now charge while hooked up, manage and regulate energy going into their batteries with the added benefit of being able to add a generator to the self-sustaining setup.  The complete Overlander 4 package includes:
  • 4-200W Solar Panels
  • 2-100AH Lithium self-heated batteries
  • 60AMP MPPT Solar Controller
  • 3000W Split Phase Inverter Charger
  • DC/DC Power Converter
  • Soft Start Power Saver bedroom and living room 15K AC with heat pump
  • Battery Monitor
  • Energy Management System
  • Roof pre-wire for additional solar panels
  • Generator option capable (N/A on travel trailers)
  • Heavy gauge steel Battery Enclosure
Overlander Capable 2 Package

Available on: Jay Feather® Products, White Hawk®, Eagle Products, North Point, Pinnacle, Seismic & Seismic Luxury Series

The Overlander 2 packages provides users the power to control their necessities without being tied to electrical hookups.  With the added power conversion of two 200-watt solar panels, a consistently regulated charge from our 30AMP MPPT RV-C Solar Controller and the added assurance of energy compatibility from a 1800W RV-C Inverter, the Overlander 2 solar package gives the necessary power to run small amenities on the RV worry-free all through solar energy.  The complete Overlander 2 package includes:
  • 2-200W Solar Panels
  • 30AMP MPPT RV-C Solar Controller
  • 1800W RV-C Inverter
(Digital PWM Solar Controller and non RV-C Inverter on Jay Feather Products)

Overlander Entry 1 Package

Available on: Jay Flight® Products, Jay Feather Products & White Hawk

There is freedom on the road, and now you can be even more carefree on your next adventure. With the Overlander 1 package, you can now order your travel trailer with a factory installed 200-watt solar system without worrying about voiding your warranty to up-fit for solar. As the entry-level package in our solar lineup, we pair the 200-watt panel with a 30AMP Digital PWM Solar Controller to ensure the power flowing into your battery will not overwhelm the system and you can enjoy your battery investment for a longer duration.  The complete Overlander 1 package includes:
  • 200W Solar Panel
  • 30AMP Digital PWM Solar Controller
Solar power offers RVers the freedom to enjoy their camping experiences untethered to shore power and all Jayco travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers now come either equipped with solar prep or optional solar packages.  The Jayco Overlander solar power packages provide varying levels of power and have been tailor made to offer the most hassle free, safest and efficient experience possible.  For more information visit www.jayco.com/solar   

“We set out to provide the most flexible, safest and capable solar power systems in the industry and I feel really great about our lineup,” stated Ryan Forgey, Vice President of Engineering  “RVers want the capability to boondock and explore places outside of traditional campgrounds and our Overlander packages allows them to do just that.”

About Jayco

Started in 1968 and headquartered in Middlebury, Indiana, Jayco makes and markets towable and motorized Recreational Vehicles under the Jay Flight®, Jay Feather, White Hawk®, Eagle®, Octane®, Talon™, Seismic®, North Point®, Pinnacle®, Redhawk®, Greyhawk®, Melbourne®, Seneca®, Alante®, Precept®, Swift®, Terrain®, and Embark® brand names.  Jayco is a subsidiary of THOR Industries, Inc. (NYSE: THO), the world’s largest manufacturer of recreational vehicles.  For more information, call 1-(800) RV-JAYCO or visit www.jayco.com.

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